Saturday morning shone clear and bright. By 7:00 am the volunteers had begun assembling, and the prepwork for the Pronghorn Pickleball Party was underway. You might think “nothing to it”. But most folks will know that a lot of work went into planning the event. Many thanks to Don Lord in particular, who was the first person I heard moot the idea. But without the numerous other volunteers, chaos would have ensued. Thanks to them, it did not, and a great time was had by all.

To the right is one photograph of players slugging it out under what became a progressively warm sun. Everyone, though, seemed to understand the need to adequately hydrate. To stir things up a little, (and probably leveling the playing field somewhat amongst the variously rated players), the wind got up as the day progressed. Not unusual. Lobbing was at the vagaries of the wind gods.

To view some other photographs of the day’s events, you can follow this link.

Addendum: (6/5/2018). A greater number of photographs can also be viewed by following the instructions in this link.

Danny Boy, him of the painted nose (either sunscreen or foam from the beer can he was holding), kept the courts busy with randomly selected partners. Popsicle sticks seemed to play a part in that??

And it has to be admitted that hydration was achieved not just with water. I was donated a couple of IPAs (he knows me well) and my game just kept getting better and better as the morning wore on.

Now this was a social event. The pot luckers surpassed themselves. I can attest to that. And be it known that eating the scrumptious fare did not wait until mid-day either. What the heck. If it wasn’t intended to be consumed it should not have been laid out so seductively on the table. Another significant contribution to the success of the day.

More, please.